Glaucoma Treatment With MicroPulse Therapy

The award-winning series, Innovations with Ed Begley Jr., featured IRIDEX MicroPulse therapy for glaucoma on CNBC. In this episode, three top glaucoma specialists share what it is and how it works, and three glaucoma patients share how MicroPulse therapy has helped them to control glaucoma.

Cyclo G6™ Laser and MicroPulse P3 Probe Overview

Dr. Cris Cruz Colon, glaucoma specialist at the Center of Excellence in Eye Care in Miami provides an overview of the MicroPulse P3™ Probe and the IRIDEX Cyclo G6™ Glaucoma Laser System.

MicroPulse, a New Procedure Arises to Help Fight Glaucoma

Dr. Charles Harris from Southern Retina in Savannah, GA spoke with WTOC about a new procedure to help fight Glaucoma. This procedure is MicroPulse therapy, a non-incisional and repeatable alternative to drops and invasive surgeries.

Treating Glaucoma with the Cyclo G6 Laser – Long-Term Results

Dr. Nathan Radcliffe of New York Eye Surgery Center shares his experience and results using the Cyclo G6 Glaucoma Laser System for the past four years. The Cyclo G6 laser allows non-incisional treatment for a wide range of glaucoma cases. It is a great alternative to drops and invasive surgeries.

Dr. Shan Lin explains how he treats glaucoma with MicroPulse therapy

While at the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Dr. Shan Lin, Director of Glaucoma Service at UC San Francisco, shares how he treats glaucoma with MicroPulse therapy and the Cyclo G6 Laser System. “The Cyclo G6 has had a tremendous effect in my practice and is now the number one glaucoma surgery I do” says Dr. Lin.

How is MicroPulse different from Continuous Wave for Glaucoma treatment?

Sandra Sieminski, MD (Director of Glaucoma at Ross Eye Institute in Buffalo, NY, USA) shares her experience treating patients with glaucoma with MicroPulse therapy and IRIDEX’s Cyclo G6 Glaucoma Laser, and shares how it differs from continuous wave laser.

Glaucoma Laser Treatment Now Available in Russia – Cyclo G6 Glaucoma Laser

The IRIDEX Cyclo G6 Glaucoma Laser System is now available in Russia. Russians who are suffering from glaucoma now have an alternative to invasive surgery and medications.

El Dr. Marco Antonio Beltrán Explica Tratamiento Para Glaucoma con el Láser Cyclo G6

El Dr. Marco Antonio Beltrán, especialista en glaucoma y vítreo retina del Centro Oftalmológico de Sonora, en Hermosillo, Mexico, da su opinion sobre el tratamiento para glaucoma con el láser IRIDEX Cyclo G6 con MicroPulso – una alternativa para medicamentos y cirugías.

Láser Cyclo G6 Para Glaucoma en Hechos de TV Azteca

El noticiero Hechos de TV Azteca hablo con el Dr. Alfredo Castillejos sobre la terapia para el glaucoma con el láser Cyclo G6. Este laser con MicroPulse permite tratar el glaucoma de una forma no invasiva y sin la necesidad de incisiones ni implantes. Es una terapia innovadora que reduce o elimina la necesidad de cirugías invasivas y medicamentos. Ya está disponible en la mayor parte del mundo, incluyendo en México y más de 10 países de Latinoamérica.